Ecology Letters

Intuitive and broadly applicable definitions of niche and fitness differences

Spaak, J.W. and De Laender, F.

Journal of Ecology

Effects of pigment richness and size variation on coexistence, richness and function in light limited phytoplankton

Spaak, J.W. and De Laender, F.

Nature Ecology & Evolution

Reinterpreting the relationship between number of species and number of links connects community structure and stability

Camille Carpentier, György Barabás, Jürg Werner Spaak & Frederik De Laender

Ecology Letters

Species richness increases fitness differences, but does not affect niche differences

Spaak, J.W., Carpentier, C. and De Laender, F.

Ecology Letters

Mean species responses predict effects of environmental change on coexistence

Frederik De Laender, Camille Carpentier, Timoteo Carletti, Chuliang Song, Samantha L. Rumschlag, Michael B. Mahon, Marie Simonin, Géza Meszéna, György Barabás

Nature Communications

Relationships of temperature and biodiversity with stability of natural aquatic food webs

Qinghua Zhao, Paul J. Van den Brink, Chi Xu, Shaopeng Wang, Adam T. Clark, Canan Karakoç, George Sugihara, Claire E. Widdicombe, Angus Atkinson, Shin-ichiro S. Matsuzaki, Ryuichiro Shinohara, Shuiqing He, Yingying. X. G. Wang & Frederik De Laender

Biological Reviews

The topology and drivers of ant–symbiont networks across Europe

Thomas Parmentier, Frederik De Laender, Dries Bonte

Global Change Biology

Community- and ecosystem-level effects of multiple environmental change drivers

De Laender, F

Ecology Letters

Biodiversity effects on ecosystem functioning respond unimodally to environmental stress

Baert,J.M., Eisenhauer N., Janssen C.R., De Laender F.

Trends in Ecology and Evolution

Reintroducing Environmental Change Drivers in Biodiversity–Ecosystem Functioning Research

De Laender, F., Rohr, J. R., Ashauer, R., Baird, D. J., Berger, U., Eisenhauer, N., Grimm, V., Hommen, U., Maltby, L., Meliàn, C. J., Pomati, F., Roessink, I., Radchuk, V. & Van den Brink, P. J.

Ecology Letters

Shifts of community composition and population density substantially affect ecosystem function despite invariant richness

Spaak, J.W., Baert, J.M., Baird, D.J., Eisenhauer, N., Maltby, L., Pomati, F., Radchuk V., Rohr, J.R., Van den Brink, P., De Laender, F.


Biodiversity increases functional and compositional resistance, but decreases resilience in phytoplankton communities

Baert, J.M., De Laender F., Sabbe K., Janssen C.R.

Nature Communications

Per capita interactions and stress tolerance drive stress-induced changes in biodiversity effects on ecosystem functions

Baert, J.M. Janssen C.R., Sabbe K., De Laender F.